Covered California Subsidies will help lower health insurance premiums

Covered California Subsidies

Covered California Subsidies covering local areas of Laguna Niguel Irvine Santa Ana San Diego Los Angeles All of Ca.

Covered California Subsidies will be available to qualified California residents.

Covered California subsidies can be applied to four metal health plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Bronze plan will have a co-pay of 40%,the Silver  30%, the Gold 20% and the Platinum 10%.

To qualify for Covered California Subsidies you must have a gross income of between 133% to 400% of the poverty lever in your area. You also can not have health insurance available to you through your employer. The only exception is if your portion of the premium is more the 9.5% of your gross pay.

If you make less then 133% of the poverty level you will automatically qualify for Medical.

A topical family of four earning $35,000 a year  would have their children qualify for Kids Medical and the husband and wife would have approximately   $500 a month in Covered California subsidies to go toward one of these health plans. The Bronze Plan would end up being free because the cost would be between $400 to $500 and their Covered California subsidy would cover it. If they wanted the Silver Plan it be  between $50 to $200 a month depending upon  which health insurance company they choose.

As you can see getting these Covered California subsidies and knowing how to best use them for your individual health needs is not easy and you should always use a Covered California Expert that is licensed, bonded and Covered California citified.

Covered California is hiring around 25,000 assistors/navigators to assist the public with their application. They are not licensed or bonded and its against the law for them to make any recommendations. In my opinion it would be foolish for you to let them help you through this very complicated process.

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